Empowering Generosity, Inspiring Change

Our Board provides strategic vision, strong governance, and unwavering commitment. These leaders play a crucial role in steering our path towards establishing enduring initiatives in education, health, and socio-economic development.

With diverse expertise spanning various sectors, the Board offers a comprehensive outlook to supervise the organization’s trajectory. Driven by a common vision, we persist in our efforts, bringing about positive change in communities one step at a time.

Board members

Ani Simonian

Vahe Soghomonian

Argo Keshishyan

Armond Garibyan

Anita Kazaryan

Tamara Khachoyan

Anush Khojoyan

Arick Gevorkian

Jasmen Vartanian

Aleksandr Urumyan

Team Members in Armenia

Liana Balayan

Syuzi Amiryan

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Anahit Sultanova

Web Dveloper