Camp Artsakh aims to create a ripple effect in the region by empowering a new generation of confident, culturally aware, and socially engaged youth. Through their artistic expression and leadership, these young individuals will contribute to Artsakh’s revitalization and sustainable development.

Camp Artsakh is more than just a project; it’s a catalyst for positive change, fostering a deep sense of belonging, resilience, and hope among the youth of Artsakh. Together, they are painting a brighter future for their region, one brushstroke at a time.

Camp Artsakh seeks to preserve and celebrate the unique cultural heritage of Artsakh, spanning centuries of history and tradition. Through art, music, and storytelling, participants learn about their roots and pass on this invaluable knowledge to future generations.

The project empowers young people to become active contributors to their communities. By building confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility, Camp Artsakh helps youth become change-makers who can positively impact their region’s development.